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About Judy, Owner                    

Creatively Organizing is Born
In 2004, Judy began her work as a personal development life coach through a non-profit, faith based community center, which she founded.  In 2006, this center closed, yet her coaching practice thrived and continued. While seeking facility alternatives for her practice she conducted her sessions with clients in their homes.

As a natural evolution, she began working with them to bring order to their environments and something amazing happened.  Her clients started to accomplish their goals more rapidly and with much less inner struggle.  Unaware that Professional Organizing was an actual profession, Creatively Organizing was born. 

Eight years later here she is creating Creatively Organizing a thriving and growing team well aware and committed to the profession of Professional Organizing.  And, making a significant difference in the lives touched through its services. 

As the owner/operator of Creatively Organizing, Judy has herself assisted hundreds of people to move forward in their lives and relationships through the services she provides. 

She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Golden circle and has been featured on Hoarders Burried Alive and ABC's evening show The List as Tampabay's organizing expert.

She has gained this recognition because she has the unique ability to help others create their spaces as their own and inspire them to step into the creative organizing process on their own after she has completed her work with them.  Her passion for organizing is evident as she brings a sense of humor, that tends to  rub off, with her to every job.  This coupled with her experience, compassion, counseling & accute listening skills, allows her to support her customers in anyway that might arise during the organizing process.  She is incredibly sensitive.

Judy holds a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) generalist counseling degree. More about her education and training below.

Graduating with Honors in 1998, Judy received her Bachelor of Social Work degree (BSW) and a minor in interpersonal communications from the University of South Florida. In addition to this generalist counseling degree, she has had both formal and informal education in business, psychology, sociology, systems theory, communication, physics and human energetic dynamics.

She has successfully owned and operated three businesses, founded one non-profit and has 7 years experience in organizational development and social services program oversight.  She has managed teams of up to 78 people, has developed and taught parenting courses, & a variety of other team building courses including FISH and Meyers Briggs.

While all of her training and experience is integral to what makes her stand out among other organizers, at the core of her approach is the Systems Theory. Systems Theory is an integrative perspective and wholistic approach firmly based in an understanding of our essential interconnectedness & interrelatedness to everything within and around us.

She applies this approach to help you explore the patterns of relationship between you and your inner "self" and those between you and your outer environment.  Clearing and finding order in your outside environment causes improved relationships between you and yourself and every other aspect of your life.
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